Mindful Eating2 is written by Dwight Furrow, Ph.D,
CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine), WSET Advanced Level (Wine and Spirits Educational Trust)

I’m a Professor of Philosophy at San Diego Mesa College and I write on the Philosophy of Food and Wine, Ethics, Political Philosophy, and Aesthetics. My book on the philosophy of food entitled American Foodie: Taste, Art and the Cultural Revolution is available from Rowman Littlefield Publishers.

I am a columnist for Sommelier Insight the newsletter for wine, restaurant, and event professionals and a monthly contributor to Three Quarks Daily, a blog dedicated to science, history, the arts, and philosophy. I also conduct seminars and tastings and evaluate wine for The Sommelier Company.

In addition to Mindful EatingI maintain the blogs Edible Arts devoted to food and wine aesthetics and Roving Decanter a food and wine travel blog.


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